She’s a hopeless romantic yet with ease influenced people that have a great powerful sexual drive and you can limited public experiences

She’s a hopeless romantic yet with ease influenced people that have a great powerful sexual drive and you can limited public experiences

She’s the fresh new eldest girl from Bob Belcher and you may Linda Belcher as well as the more mature sister out-of Gene Belcher and you can Louise Belcher. She’s into the eighth stages. Inside Spider Place, she loves horses, butts, zombies, boys and writing sensual fiction from the video along with her existence. She attends Wagstaff College with her siblings.


Just like the rest of the Belcher Nearest and dearest, Tina has actually tan body, blue eyes, and a black pan-locks cut who’s got a red barrette off to the right front side, but when she works given that the woman transform ego Dina (Eating Truckin’). Such Linda Belcher, Tina’s vision was dysfunctional and you will she wears cups to correct the situation. The woman level are 4’9″ – 4’11” [1] .

The woman usual clothes try a white blue t-top, a navy blue dress, light pipe socks that have a red stripe and you may black colored high-most useful shoes you to definitely resemble Chuck Taylor All-Famous people. In more certified activities, Tina wears a purple skirt and you may black colored boots. She rests inside a light purple top with gray bottoms and you will from time to time slippers.

The lady winter attire usually is actually a purple sweatshirt and you can scarf more than her typical bluish dress, in “Dr. Yap”, while they are skiing, she wears a magenta coating and ski trousers. Whenever out later in the day from inside the “The Land Boat”, playing Cupid in the “The brand new Gene and you will Courtney Inform you”, although from the pony camp within the “Brand new Pony Driver-er”, she wears enough time blue trousers in the place of her dress.


Tina’s character is a weird “every-girl” transitioning off teens so you’re able to adolescence. The child in her own nevertheless clings to the girl love for ponies, rainbows, and you can zombies while her inner teen phone calls their to help you fantasize from the zombies kissing (hence she states is due to viewing “Night of the new Way of living Lifeless” at the too young an era), and you can composing the woman thoughts/products in her journal. She also writes sensual fictional about their nearest and dearest, colleagues, or any other people’s performs, and always considers the lady primary crush, Jimmy Pesto, Jr.. She grows fleeting crushes someone she deems lovable – along with a complete baseball group out of twenty-four, including.

A defining part of Tina’s character are the girl severe, precocious interest in sex and you will matchmaking. However, this is been shown to be a simple, age-suitable attract. The latest extent off the woman precociousness is a child in love teenager with a love of butts.

Tina’s undoubted kid-craziness is a land factor in of several attacks, will getting the lady into the zany circumstances chasing after unrequited if not oblivious crushes. The issue is treated directly in One of the Boyz cuatro Now let’s talk about Now, whereby in the beginning Tina rejects being son-in love, she fundamentally allows it absolutely nothing to end up being ashamed regarding.

Tina is very better intent, however, socially awkward. When voting who does serve a consumer they think are an excellent son molester for the “Person Tissue,” Bob says they ought not to help Tina serve him once the she actually is bad which have consumers. Louise states so it is not their fault since the woman is autistic, but Bob rapidly says Tina isn’t really autistic. She displays bad societal enjoy particularly prolonged groaning when under pressure, covering up lower than tables, naivety, muted emotional expression, talking when you look at the a monotone, assuming what you she hears, that have a highly brief range of appeal and you may subject areas and you may providing something as well actually.

And additionally, Tina cannot display ideas extremely clearly. No matter if moments are harsh and you can the woman is below immense levels of (often care about-induced) tension, this lady sound is definitely apartment and you will rather than inflection. Even her groans voice disinterested.

Tina keeps a the-inner-circle support robust conscience and sense of correct and you can incorrect. She thinks during the following statutes that is alert to just how this lady tips affect others. When she accidents a car or truck and helps Bob lie so you’re able to an enthusiastic insurance provider right after which occur to injury off a man’s home in the “Tinarannosaurus Ruins”, she is consumed which have shame until she convinces Bob to tell the scenario.

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